I’ve given myself a new design challenge. It seems the Amish need a new non-symbol, non sign, that will keep them safe and within the Law (Kentucky), but not stand out too much or be too “showy.” The Amish are pretty picky about what they put on the back of their family swag wagon. and why not? This country was founded on religious freedom and if those slow moving vehicle signs look too Catholic for their buggy it should be their right to not use them.

But then there is the law, safety and all that. I guess it is a real problem with buggies getting hit back there. If someone could come up with something that would make both parties happy/alive that would be a good thing. I think when I get caught up with work a little more I am going to tackle the problem and post my results. Stay tuned.

I am keeping comments open on this one so if anyone wants to take a crack at it I will post the results here.

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