Saving Souls

November 5th, 2011By James Mooreblog, design No Comments

I’ve given myself a new design challenge. It seems the Amish need a new non-symbol, non sign, that will keep them safe and within the Law (Kentucky), but not stand out too much or be too “showy.” The Amish are pretty picky about what they put on the back of their family swag wagon. and … Read More

UX Death by Committee

November 5th, 2011By James Mooreblog, design No Comments

I belong to the “User Experience” group on LinkedIn and recently someone posed the challenge; “Can you use ONE WORD to describe the biggest challenge in UX ?” Over a thousand people responded and there were a broad range of responses: “understanding,” “balance,” “diplomacy,” “speed,” “preconception,” “translation,” “devices,” “consistency,” “assumptions,” “accessibility,”¬† yadda yadda yadda. The … Read More

Hardgrave on Dell

November 14th, 2010By James Mooreblog, design No Comments

A few years ago I was surfing for new artists when I came across the artwork of Seattle artist Robert Hardgrave. His paintings stopped me in my tracks. For me his art is somewhere between Gorky, and Francis Bacon¬†but with a more stylized stroke that at first reminded me of Japanese sumi-e painting. I had … Read More