One consistent truth in advertising is that people are most influenced to make purchases based on the recommendations of their friends and family. One fairly consistent truth about people is we almost always love a good parade. Put those two things together and you have one brilliant gorilla advertising effort by one of my all time favorite brands.

Honda hit it out of the ballpark when they decided to help Norway, Maine celebrate the 1 million mile mark of “True Blue,” the ultra reliable 1990 Honda Accord belonging to Joe LoCicero.

Everyone knows that Honda is a good product, and this seems to prove that if you follow the scheduled maintenance outlined in that owners manual it is totally possible to achieve the same results… with the right car of course. That was the message that was sent loud and clear and delivered by the people we trust the most… real ones.

In this economy everyone likes to get more bang for the buck, even Honda. I don’t know what it costs to organize a small parade in a small town but I have to imagine it was cheap compared to the media buys they are used to. Most of the media outlets don’t even mention that Honda flipped the bill for the parade. At first I forgot what I did for a living. “Wow people sure do like that guys car.” Then it dawned on me and I did a little more research to confirm my suspicion. Honda was behind the party but only getting it started. As it turns out… people really do like that guys car.


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