My Girlfriend asked me to help her make some award plaques to give to some of her outstanding staff. I sort of put it off until the last minute and was stumped on what to do until I remembered the cool app I found when I was bored at the airport.

HelloFlower is a simple 3D application that allows anyone to create really cool looking flowers of just about any variety. You don’t need to know any CAD just use your little pointy finger and navigate which part of the flower you want to modify. It is more fun than you might think. I sort of developed a God complex for a moment.

I asked my girlfriend to pick a color for each employee that they either liked (Based on the decor of their cubicle maybe?) or that she thought would fit.  I also told her to pick two words to describe their personality and their contribution. My girlfriend came back with the list and I played with my iPhone which didn’t seem very productive to my best friend especially given the deadline.

I think she forgave me though when she saw the beautiful flowers her manly man picked and delivered right in the nic of time.

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