Aloha Public Library Website

Aloha Public Library Website client: Aloha Community Library Association project: Website & Supporting Illustrations site design: Matt Moore illustration: Matt Moore programming: John Chao  I am one of those people that think reading and public libraries are a very good thing. When The Aloha Community Library Association came to to me to bid on their … Read More Redesign Redesign client: project: website redesign/illustration design: Matt Moore technical support: John Chao is a service provider in the Columbia River Gorge. It is a wonderful place to live, especially if you like your outdoor sports in a stunningly beautiful place. takes pride in bringing the community together. They needed a redesign … Read More

Ke Nalu Paddles

client: Ke Nalu Paddles project: Store Window Ad illustration: Matt Moore Ne Nalu makes arguably the worlds best SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) paddles. They needed some eye-grabbing window ads for their dealers and they needed them fast! The problem was the paddles were not back from the factory so we had nothing to photograph. … Read More

Trust Electricity

Trust Electricity client: Reverb Records project: CD Packaging design: Matt Moore photography: Lara Messersmith This was the debut record for Portland glam/psychedelic rockers The Upsidedown. I wanted the package to be stark and bold. I used a metallic silver ink on this one. When you move the package the spiral appears and disappears into the … Read More

Family Tree Typography

The Longoria Family Tree design: Matt Moore The Longoria Family wanted to honor their elders and celebrate their reunion with something special. This design keeps the memory of the big event and all those that came before them. They used it on posters, T-shirts, and mugs.

Personal Avatar

Personal Avatar project: Illustration design: Matt Moore I did a portrait for a friend who needed some content for her consulting website. I might post a tutorial of this project soon and explore some of the techniques that I used. I see this type of vector based personal avatar gaining popularity on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, … Read More