Aloha Public Library Website
client: Aloha Community Library Association
project: Website & Supporting Illustrations
site design: Matt Moore
illustration: Matt Moore
programming: John Chao 

I am one of those people that think reading and public libraries are a very good thing. When The Aloha Community Library Association came to to me to bid on their new website of course I way under bid. Of course I convinced my friends to help me out for cheap. Of course we all slept good at night. It was a fun challenge making a strip mall library look fun. It was important to give the building a sense of place and make the location an asset to users. We wanted people to be proud of their library and empowered to use it. In order to do that we had to start with empowering the staff. Besides consulting and development we also created tutorials and offer ongoing support so the library folks can leverage their new asset to best serve the community. They were very happy with the results.