The Town with Bad Wiring
client: Beat The World Records
project: CD Package

photography: Tony Mendoza
design: Matt Moore

I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the record with the package with this project. I suppose you always do want to do that. The record combines a lot of interwoven stories and sounds. It suggests that maybe our lives get a bit tangled and overgrown but beautiful all the same.

There was an all-star cast that contributed to this record and package read more below…

This album was a big deal for the band. You feel like you have arrived when you have the likes of Peter Buck, (R.E.M.) Peter Holmstrom, (Dandy Warhols) and Colin Hegna (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) helping out on the music and production. But we also got some important help with the package. I was excited to work with the great Tony Mendoza whom I have admired for many years. It was pure luck that I was able to get re-acquainted with him and have him contribute to this project.

We also had a bunch of help from amateur photographers all over the world. Some of them are our friends and some we have never met. They all get credits on the record (which you should get:) and we were honored that they helped out.