Aloha Public Library Website

Aloha Public Library Website client: Aloha Community Library Association project: Website & Supporting Illustrations site design: Matt Moore illustration: Matt Moore programming: John Chao  I am one of those people that think reading and public libraries are a very good thing. When The Aloha Community Library Association came to to me to bid on their … Read More Redesign Redesign client: project: website redesign/illustration design: Matt Moore technical support: John Chao is a service provider in the Columbia River Gorge. It is a wonderful place to live, especially if you like your outdoor sports in a stunningly beautiful place. takes pride in bringing the community together. They needed a redesign … Read More

Wallis Engineering Website

Wallis Engineering  projects: Logo/Identity/Style Guide/Website Redesign client: Wallis design: Matt Moore programming: John Chao Wallis is not your typical civil engineering firm. Instead of catering to the whims of big developers they work almost exclusively with local governments to plan, design and construct sustainable infrastructure projects that are integrated into the city fabric. The new … Read More