The Town With Bad Wiring

The Town with Bad Wiring client: Beat The World Records project: CD Package photography: Tony Mendoza design: Matt Moore I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the record with the package with this project. I suppose you always do want to do that. The record combines a lot of interwoven stories and sounds. It suggests … Read More

Human Destination

Human Destination – The Upsidedown client: Beat The World Records project: CD/LP Packaging cover art: Robert Hardgrave design: Matt Moore It was fun working with Robert Hardgrave on these packages. His artwork fit perfectly for the theme of the record. We loved his artwork so much we didn’t even put the bands name on the … Read More

Trust Electricity

Trust Electricity client: Reverb Records project: CD Packaging design: Matt Moore photography: Lara Messersmith This was the debut record for Portland glam/psychedelic rockers The Upsidedown. I wanted the package to be stark and bold. I used a metallic silver ink on this one. When you move the package the spiral appears and disappears into the … Read More

Wolf Blood Honey

Wolf Blood Honey Client: Reverb Records Project: Electronic Music Package Design: Matt Moore When the hit series “True Blood” aired the song “Wolf Blood Honey,” it was obvious they needed to release it as a single. I created this package so the band could release the single on iTunes and other retailers. I had just … Read More

Nice Snowboarding

Nice Snowboard Boots project: Package Design design: Matt Moore When a fledgling snowboard boot manufacturer wanted a clever way to cut costs, we suggested what few design firms would risk. We said,”Let’s take it out of the packaging budget!” Inspired by outsider art, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and chairlift philosophers, we created a compelling new … Read More