Project: SporeCraft logo/ID
Design: Matt Moore

SporeCraft is a startup involved in the disruptive new industry of bio-fabrication. The race is on to replace traditional petroleum based plastics, rubber, and foam. One of the materials that holds great promise is the natural polymer known as “mycelium” which is the underlying body (the part you don’t see) of mushrooms.

SporeCraft is a pioneer in the exploration and development of mycelium based products. They create everything from simple vessels to furniture and even have a biodegradable mycelium speaker in development. One big focus is a vegan leather that has all of the great physical properties of the real thing but grown in a fraction of the time, cost, and without the environmental toll. The vegan market is expanding rapidly but most vegan leather is just more plastic and leaves much to be desired in terms of look and feel. This looks and feels like something natural and the antimicrobial properties are perfect for shoes.

Branding this business was a blast and I couldn’t get Stanley Kubrick out of my head. The thought of living spacecraft that are able to evolve to their surroundings, heal and repair themselves with the aid of mycelium is tantalizing. I had one of those (What would Stanley do?) design moments and this was the result.