Weird Weird Head Moving Insect

Weird Head Moving Insect project: Animation design: Matt Moore bug handler: Matt Moore squealing: Kelly Joint friends + bug + camping + iPadPro + Apple Pencil + After Effects

Silver Wind Video

Silver Wind – The Upsidedown client: Beat The World Records project: Music Video director: Matt Moore This footage was shot entirely on Flip video and edited while on tour with my band. It is low-fi but fun.

Pepper Spray Video

Pepper Spray client: Reverb Records project: Animated Video animation: Matt Moore design: Matt Moore I created this animation for the band The Upsidedown to celebrate the new found popularity of their song “Pepper Spray” with the #OccupyMovement folks. Their music has been featured on shows like “True Blood,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Damages,” and “The Greek.”