PDX Sticker

I Cloudy Heart PDX client: Thaneco project: Sticker design: Matt Moore Portland folks don’t mind the rain much. In fact they sort of love it in some twisted way. Anyway this new sticker celebrates that. It was fun to recreate the Milton Glaser classic with the Portland twist for this client.

Human Destination

Human Destination – The Upsidedown client: Beat The World Records project: CD/LP Packaging cover art: Robert Hardgrave design: Matt Moore It was fun working with Robert Hardgrave on these packages. His artwork fit perfectly for the theme of the record. We loved his artwork so much we didn’t even put the bands name on the … Read More

Vehicle Wraps

Gorge.net Fleet Vehicle Graphics project: Vehicle Wrap design: Matt Moore I designed the first website for internet service provider Gorge.net when they were just a server in my buddy’s closet. We have evolved the brand a bit since then, and these days they are really going places.

Family Tree Typography

The Longoria Family Tree design: Matt Moore The Longoria Family wanted to honor their elders and celebrate their reunion with something special. This design keeps the memory of the big event and all those that came before them. They used it on posters, T-shirts, and mugs.