Catzilla client: Elma Cat project: After Effects Experiment design: Matt Moore camera: Matt Moore production: Matt Moore animal trainer: Matt Moore We took our cat to visit relatives during the holidays and got snowed in. Our cat didn’t get along with cousin cat but it made for a fun After Effects experiment.

Weird Weird Head Moving Insect

Weird Head Moving Insect project: Animation design: Matt Moore bug handler: Matt Moore squealing: Kelly Joint friends + bug + camping + iPadPro + Apple Pencil + After Effects

Pepper Spray Video

Pepper Spray client: Reverb Records project: Animated Video animation: Matt Moore design: Matt Moore I created this animation for the band The Upsidedown to celebrate the new found popularity of their song “Pepper Spray” with the #OccupyMovement folks. Their music has been featured on shows like “True Blood,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Damages,” and “The Greek.”

Nice Snowboarding

Nice Snowboard Boots project: Package Design design: Matt Moore When a fledgling snowboard boot manufacturer wanted a clever way to cut costs, we suggested what few design firms would risk. We said,”Let’s take it out of the packaging budget!” Inspired by outsider art, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and chairlift philosophers, we created a compelling new … Read More