Color Selection
Colors were carefully selected to be as clash resistant as possible. The other big priority was to find a color that had a value (as close to medium as possible) that will work in both extremes of black & white. – That is it will provide good contrast and be legible.

Blue is considered to be the most universally trusted color. It is the most common brand color for many good reasons. I think I prefer it to purple, not only because trust matters but also because blue is “a less is more” color. As a primary it has less color than purple (which has 2 primary colors) and therefore less to clash with. I don’t want to sound like a purple hater because I think it is a great color. Purple does however have a lot of personality and that is not always a good thing with branding because what we all want in a personality varies from person to person.

– Pantone 7442C


Blue – Pantone 300C


Because the chapter name length varies so much I would recommend using the exact same size font as “Oregon Women Lawyers” (centered) unless the chapter name exceeds that line width. If the chapter name exceeds that please reduce that text at least 3 pixel sizes and center chapter name text. – What we don’t want are two rows of text that only vary slightly in size because that looks unprofessional. The sizes should be very obvious. Two examples here illustrate. Shown are both square (top) and horizontal format.

My recommendation would be to design something like the horizontal version for chapters and keep the square (classic) version exclusive for headquarters purposes.


Logo in context
Having both square and horizontal options will give you flexibility. Website templates vary in how much space is available for the header. Because the space is often limited and usually horizontal my hunch is you would want to use a horizontal version of the logo. A more narrow space like the column in your newsletter may be better served using the square format. Click a thumbnail for a larger view.

Your final logo will include both square and horizontal versions as well as the Pantone color assignment you choose. It will be industry standard vector based artwork that will look something like this. Vector art of this nature can be blown up to any size without degradation.