client: MotoFactory
project: Logo/Identity
design: Matt Moore

When the folks at Portland’s Motofactory purchased the business they wanted to make the place uniquely theirs. They wanted to focus on vintage bikes and wanted the new brand to be reflective of that and their own personalities which I had fun taking note of.

I tried to approach this project as if I were creating something that had already existed in the past. In other words if Motofactory had been around since in the 1920’s and had evolved through the years what would the phases look like? I have always liked the “Magical Mystery Oil” brand probably because it is so old fashioned looking and I liked the idea of it being like a makers mark and a little cryptic. I drew my inspiration from a lot of things. The old biker gangs liked to keep things on the DL. Most of the time in advertising you don’t try to be on the DL but Portland is a little different in that way. The client obviously felt the same way. They couldn’t wait to hand out cool buttons at the rally.