Ambrach Identity
client: Ambrach
project: Logo

“The best beer kegs in the world.” – That’s what the CEO told me over the phone when I asked what they did. At first I thought it was just spray but as it turns out he was right.

They needed something initially that would not only “feel right” to the target audience (beer manufacturers) but also perform like a champ when hard pressed/embossed into stainless steel. I came up with something that had a classic look and feel. I wanted to say “beer keg” with simplicity and respect for the craft without being overbearing. After all… like my own brand, Ambrach brand must be subservient to the brands they serve. It is not Ambrach Beer after all. The brand we are building is one of innovation, strength, and accommodation. It seems to be translating well already.

Ambrach’s presence is beyond just North America with products available for international markets in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

I also built the Ambrach website and continue create their advertising.